SHOE+ DRAWERS (30cm x 40cm)         BUY it.

Extra roomy shoe bags that could easily be used for a scarf or other items, and the TTT Set comes with two, instead of only one, so you can pack one two on each side of your suitcase. Drawstring closure. Unlinedbest 2 shoe bags - Copy

statue1best single shoe bag

This is a great way to carry your scarf on the plane or everyday to work, so it doesn’t get snagged and dirty. It is also a great way to care for shoes – and assure other things in your luggage or bag doesn’t get dirty or damaged. Fabric is machine washable; water resistant, yet strong, flexible and lightweight. Comes with the TTT SET. or you may purchase it separately here.

With TTT, home is anywhere you need it to be.

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TTT SET or just BUY it. (Best value.)


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