TOP DRAWER (53cm x 22cm)
Two pockets, zipper closure on each end. Able to be hung horizontally on a hanger using both straps, or vertically from a single hook. Ideal for smaller items . This is how to care for – and carry – lingerie, underwear, scarves, socks, etc. With lining. BUY it.

travel bag for small items top with scarf1
travel bag for bra and panties      1

travel bag for ties briefs socks

Keeps clothes protected from spilled liquids and dirt, prying eyes of border patrols, and other chaos, while organizing your carry on or shoulder bag so you can focus on other things. A much better option than packing cubes! With TTT, home is anywhere you need it to be, want it to be.

TTT quality materials: Fabrics are machine washable. The outer skin is water resistant, yet strong, flexible and lightweight. The lining provides a dash of color, a luxurious feel, and another layer of protection. Straps are sturdy nylon, in the same dark chocolate brown a the skin.

Zippers are of the highest quality, sliding easily and will continue to work over time without snagging or deteriorating. To  buy the TTT Top Drawer, click here.

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