Trippin’ Travel Trunks (TTT) provide a unique way to organize your clothes when you travel for business, to the gym, for short getaways, or for long trips.

The scarf you carry in your purse or briefcase. The change of clothes in your backpack or gym bag. The weeks of clothes for that arctic adventure. Everything has a specific place with the Trippin’ Travel Trunk set of bags.

No matter if you travel alone or with others (labels come with), if you have a closet (thread through hanger) or post (hang by strap) or chair (hang over chair back) or floor, your items remain good for the trip, and even your next stop. No need to unpack. No need for packing cubes.

DSC_1313 (2)         trunk

We call them “Trunks” because TTT travel organizing bags turn every type of luggage virtually into that old fashioned trunk of yore, complete with labelled drawers for all your items. The only thing missing is the inconvenience of a heavy (and luxurious) trunk (and the butler meant to carry it.) That’s why we say that traveling with TTT is “Like traveling with a trunk. And a butler.” Fine travel trunks were used for centuries, back when travel was viewed as glamorous, mysterious and always an adventure.

Bring a little refinement back to travel, regardless of where it takes you. At the very least, TTT assures clothes (and whatever else) stay perfectly tidy, easily accessible, luxuriously private and infallibly organized. Leaving you to carry on with the business and play of the day.

In sum, TTT bags provide amazing peace of mind and time saved.

traveler relaxing       city


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